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Photo Competitions

In order to provide members an opportunity to both show their work and obtain feedback to assist them in becoming better photographers, CPS holds regular photo competitions throughout the year. CPS Members and students in CPS Classes are invited to participate in competitions, which are juried by independent judges to ensure objectivity.

Competitions are held in five categories. Each competition evening features one category but all competitions also provide the opportunity to submit Pictorial images. Each competition category offers three opportunities to compete each year. Six competitions each year are Print and six are Projection. The categories are:

Black & White - Monochrome images, including single tone and sepia. Any image with spot color is considered a Color image and is not eligible for this category.

Creative - Photos taken using special lenses, filters, lighting conditions or other creative means and photos creatively edited using digital imaging software.

Nature - Photos of animals, flowers, plants and scenics where the 'hand of man' is not evident.

People - Candids or portraits where people are the primary subject

Pictorial - An open category encompassing photos of any subject.

Helpful Links and Competition Results:

Schedule - Here is the complete 2022 - 2023 Competition Schedule for your use. 'B' Competition and Photojournalism dates are also included. Before entering the B competition, new members are urged to consult the B Competition Rules

Rules - Before entering competition, members are urged to consult the Competition Rules and Photojournalism Rules and Guidelines.

’How To’ - New as well as seasoned members may be able to better understand the ins and outs of preparing for competition by downloading this tutorial. ALSO: If you have questions regarding how to size and prepare your images for competition, check out these new tutorials: How to Size and How to Mat.

Labels - Members are encouraged to pre-print competition labels, using this document and printing on Avery label blank #5164 (or generic equivalent), available at most office supply retailers.

Results - Following each competition, updated Competition Results are posted as soon as possible.

Entries - To assist members in determining the images they have submitted during the current club year, a database of all competition entries will be posted here in Excel spreadsheet format. This spreadsheet is updated as soon as possible following each competition.

Year-End - At the end of each competition year, members have the opportunity to re-submit previously-entered images in Year-End Competition. Winners of this Competition hang on the wall of the Club’s Gathering Room for the entire following competition year! A slideshow of the past year's winning images can be viewed here. To learn more about Year-End Competition, three links have been provided: End of Year Demystified - a complete explanation of the End-of-Year process, End of Year Q & A - a quick recap of frequently asked questions and CPS Special Awards - a complete list of the seven Special Awards that also hang on the Gathering Room wall.

Exhibits Information for Westlake Porter Library


CALL FOR EXHIBIT ENTRIES – Westlake Porter Public Library This exhibit will run the month of January. Entries will be accepted between Sunday, Sep 4th and Sunday Oct 16th.

THEME: Outdoors
This theme is intended to showcase the outdoors in any season. Images of landscapes, cityscapes, street photography, nature photography, images of your favorite outdoor spaces, images of people enjoying the outdoors are all eligible.

Call for Entries begins Sunday, September 4th, 2022.

  • Exhibit runs from December 31st through January 28th.
  • Images: 40 - 50, a combination of 11x14" and 8x10” prints will be judged and selected.
  • Up to five (5) images will be accepted for judging.

    Please read the rules carefully. Only submitted images that conform to the rules will be eligible for judging.

    Upload link: To upload images, go to the club website, and go to the Competitions page. On the bottom of the page you will find a link for uploading your pictures with instructions. The images do not have to be downsized but try to keep them under 5 MB if possible. Each image MUST have your name in the image title. This is the only we have to identify you – if your name is not in the title, the image will be rejected. An example of a correct image title would be: Marge Simpson – Backyard Garden. After you submit your image, email your list of image titles to – this will provide your contact info should your photo be selected.

    Deadline for Entries: Sunday, October 16th. No exceptions will be made.

    *Please note your title and image on your desktop for future reference should you be selected.

    Sales: $75.00 for matted and mounted 11x14 images and $55 for 8x10 images All prints are for sale unless otherwise noted (If you do not wish to offer the image for sale, add NFS "Not for Sale" as part of the title, e.g. "Dream House" – NFS). CPS will notify you of interest in your print. Prints will not be sold "off the wall." The individual photographer is responsible for final transactions and any additional arrangements.

    Important Dates:
    Entries: Sep 4th – Oct 16th
    Judging: Oct 17th – Oct 30th
    Selection notification: Oct 31st – Nov 5th
    Matted and Mounted Prints due at Clubhouse: Dec 16th
    Framing: Dec 17th – Dec 29th (exact dates TBD)
    Hang: Dec 30th
    Exhibit Reception: Jan 8th
    Strike and Deframing: Jan 29th

    1. Can images be creatively matted?
    Yes, but all prints must be mounted on a white mat to fit 16X20" frames. Selections will be informed as to what size image they will need to print. Any prints matted on anything other than white will not be included in the Exhibit. CPS will frame all the images for uniformity.

    2. What type of images are allowed?
    All images must be family friendly, no nudes or implied nudity. Suggestive or provocative images will not be accepted. NO dark themes.

    3. Can I enter images from a Friday night competition?
    Yes, you may enter images from club competitions.

    4. Can I enter images from a previous exhibit?
    Yes, but they can only have been part of one (1) previous exhibit. Images that have been selected and displayed at various CPS exhibit venues will automatically be disqualified from selection.

    5. How will the images be selected?
    The scored exhibits will utilize the service of a trained and qualified judge from the Photographic Society of America.

    Each image will be scored on a scale from 80 – 100. The highest scored images will be placed into the exhibits. To allow as many photographers to exhibit as possible, once the highest scored image from any photographer has been chosen to exhibit no other images from that same photographer will be considered. Any and all ties will be selected at the discretion of the Exhibit Committee. Individual scores, or rankings, will not be published.

  • All CPS members in good standing (i.e., paid dues) can submit a total of up to five (5) images by visiting the Competitions page of the CPS website.

  • Images cannot include copyright symbol, watermarks or any other information on the digital image.

  • Please remember to email us your list of titles so we have your correct contact information. We suggest you TURN OFF your auto fill feature to insure what you type in is what you send. Make sure everything is current and correct. We notify selections via email, so if your email address is incorrect you may not receive notification that your image was selected, and another photographer's image may take your place. Titles and email addresses are copied and pasted. If they are incorrect, they will be copied incorrectly. Email this info to

  • All images submitted for judging must be in JPEG format.

  • All images must be submitted via the appropriate link and be received prior to the stated deadline. This is a firm DEADLINE. If you wait to the last minute and are unable to upload your images, you will be unable to participate in the exhibit. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • IMAGES WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SALE. CPS reserves the right to set a standard price for all mounted, matted and unframed images, unless noted by the photographer in the image title.

  • If your image is selected for an exhibit, you will be notified by email. At that time, details for preparing and submitting your print will be given.

  • Should your photo be selected, you are responsible for finding out when the clubhouse is open and getting your exhibit ready (mounted and matted) print in the collection bin on time. We cannot make special arrangements to process individual prints. Our volunteers donate their time, so please considerate and deliver your prints on time. You will also be required to volunteer time to the exhibit; more details regarding this will be in the selection email.

  • If you are unable to personally get your print in by the deadline, make arrangements with a CPS member to deliver the print for you. Check out the "selected list;" you might be able to make arrangements for someone to bring your print in for you. If you simply cannot meet the deadline, please do not enter the exhibits. You may prevent someone else from sharing the experience.

  • By submitting your image, you agree to allow CPS to use them in its digital slide show gallery or in other promotional materials.

    Best of luck to all CPS members for this Exhibit.

    Exhibits Committee
    Jen Gaba – Chair
    Elaine Joseph – Committee Member
    David Tripp – Committee Member
    Teri Smith – Committee Member

    Upload Links for Exhibits

  • The images do not have to be downsized but try to keep them under 5 MB if possible.

  • Images MUST be JPEGs

  • Each image MUST have your name in the image title. This is the only we have to identify you – if your name is not in the title, the image will be rejected. An example of a correct image title would be: Marge Simpson – Backyard Garden.

  • After you submit your image, email your list of image titles to – this will provide your contact info should your photo be selected.

  • Westlake Porter Library - Click here to upload photos.

    October 3
    7:30 PM
    Lightroom Classic - Develop Module - Local
    October 5
    7:30 PM
    Fundamentals Class - Flash
    October 5
    Deadline to enter the October 14 People Competition
    October 6
    7:30 PM
    SIG Group Meeting - Autofocus
    October 7
    7:30 PM
    B Competition (Print)

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