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Photography School

Fundamentals of Good Photography

This class is a must for anybody wanting to get good pictures and understanding the fundamentals. I joined hoping to be able to do just that but soon realized, it not only taught me how to capture the moment in its true sense but also to convey the story of the moment using the various features on my camera. The instructors are great, they explain everything in great detail and allow you to ask any question, that you not only understand but retain what you learn in these classes.

Alok J.

Prior to taking the fundamentals class I received quite a few compliments regarding my pictures and decided to have one blown up and framed at a local photography company. As I walked in the door my ego was shrunk after observing pictures or shall I say works of art on display. At that point I came to the conclusion it was necessary to take a fundamentals class. I did receive compliments from the photography personnel but felt there was something missing.

Taking the class at CPS taught me one important factor along with many others such as learning how to use light. There is a difference between snapping pictures and creating a work of art by making the camera perform the way you want it to perform. The staff and guest speakers (artists) were informative along with being very professional. The one factor was the humility of all personnel involved. The bottom line there were no egos considering the established résumé's of the staff. One day in class a student made reference to their camera as being a little point and shoot camera. A staff member immediately reminded the student a point and shoot camera can take as good a picture as an expensive DSLR camera.

In conclusion I highly recommend people interested in photography to take the fundamentals class. The choice is yours. Continue snapping pictures or learn how to create works of art. Priceless!

Frank R.

I won my Fundamentals class with the winning bid at the WVIZ auction. The techniques that I learned really helped me get the most out of my old Pentax 35 mm camera. Shortly after completing the class, I took a 2 week trip to Ghana. It was amazing how much my photography improved! I would highly recommend the class to anyone looking to improve their photography skills.

Rhoda C.

I would recommend this class to every beginner who wants to start learning photography. This class gives excellent overview about photography and everything one has to know how to start making good photographs. Additionally, field trips show students how to use the theoretical knowledge they have just got while shooting real photos.

Eli Z.

If you, like me , had an interest in photography in the 70s, but was too busy during the last 30 years to devote much time, and find yourself baffled by the digital SLR you just purchased, take this class. The Cleveland Photographic Society presents a wonderful course to take the mystery out of your new toy. I’ve hardly ever used the manual mode since completing the first couple classes. As a bonus you meet some nice people.

Bill S.

If you are looking for a local photography community that has a rich history, will teach you everything you want to know about your digital camera and digital processing, provides opportunities to learn and grow on photo field trips and has talented photographers who are interested in your success, then you should check into the Cleveland Photography Society. You will not be disappointed.

Debbie D.

I've taken pictures over the years using many different cameras and have taken one and two day seminars but have never felt that I had control of the camera. After taking the CPS Fundamentals training, I now feel like I'm in control of my camera and can take good pictures under many complex conditions and can adjust it to achieve creative effects. Because I've completed the course I can always go back and audit future courses when I would like more information, at no additional cost. The CPS Fundamentals course is the best camera training I've ever had.

John M.

Before taking CPS Fundamentals of Good Photography I was barely an amateur photographer. Now I always have a camera with me! This class taught me how to use my camera and gave me skills that turned photography into a fun hobby for me.

Barb M.

Anyone who recently bought a camera wanting to take better pictures should take this class. It has something for the camera novice and advanced amateur alike. Great instructors, great content, great field trips to try out what you’re learning. My photos immediately improved as soon as the first class.

Doug W.

Taking the classes made me realize that I didn't know as much as I thought I did. After finishing the class, I was very happy with what I did learn from it. So, I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in photography.

Troy V.

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