Cleveland Photographic Society

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These Gallery Pages offer you an opportunity to learn more about CPS members, events, and exhibitions – allowing our images to tell the story of each.

The Member Galleries change on a sporadic basis, while field trips, exhibitions and the slideshow galleries change as new events are added. CPS members are encouraged to share their work: contact the Gallery Manager for further information.

All photos are copyrighted by the original maker. If you are interested in a particular image, please contact the photographer if s/he provides an email address or use this link to contact us for further information.

CPS Competition Winners

CPS End of Year Competition Winners Competition Gallery.

Nature Competition 7-22-2022 click here.

Pictorial Competition 7-22-2022 click here.

Creative and Pictorial Competition 8-12-2022 click here.

Nature and Pictorial Competition 10-23-2022 click here.

B Competition 10-7-2022 click here.

People Competition 10-14-2022 click here.

B&W / Pictorial Competition 11-4-2022 click here.

B Competition 11-11-2022 click here.

Creative Print Competition 11-18-2022 click here.

Pictorial Print Competition 11-18-2022 click here.

People Print Competition 1-6-2023 click here.

Pictorial Print Competition 1-6-2023 click here.

Nature and Pictorial Print Competition 1-20-2023 click here.

Field Trip Galleries

Mansfield Reformatory click here.

Fireworks Boat Cruise click here.

Tall Ships Boat Cruise click here.

Luvin Lavender Fields click here.

Homestead Animal Sanctuary click here.

Goodyear Wingfoot click here.

Trinity Cathedral click here.

Whispering Acres click here.

Air Show click here.

Back to the Wild click here.

Field Trip Website Upload Links

For putting photos in the Field Trip Gallery:

  • Rename the photo to the title of the image followed by your first and last name (example: Sunny Day in the Park - Richard Ader)
  • Photos must be JPEGs
  • Photos should be LESS THAN 5MB but if you cannot resize them, send them original size
  • Follow the instructions on the link for uploading your pictures

    Air Show - Click here to upload photos.

    Back to the Wild - Click here to upload photos.